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Hot Jobs…MIA?

If you check the website from time to time, you might notice that we haven't been as diligent about posting Johanna's Hot Job of the Month. You might be wondering if we fell in a hole or if perhaps, none of our jobs were 'hot'?
Truthfully, we have a lot of work that would be considered 'hot job' worthy. In fact, this past January and February have been our biggest months EVER. Typically, the first 10-12 weeks of the year are some of our slower months but so far, 2022 has been anything but.

We aren't complaining. We are feeling very 'early 2020-ish' only better which is great news for us, and great news for the economy as our work tends to be on both the upstream and downstream of the manufacturing process. But, the increased tempo and the fact that we have a lot of other stuff in the pipeline means posting here has taken a bit of a hit.

If you are interested in our Hot Jobs or in just getting a peek into what goes on here every day, check out our LinkedIn. Johanna is incredible about sharing our work and sharing the postings of our amazing mechanics.

It's been very busy here at RW, but we are finding our cadence and will get back to posting jobs soon.

If you want your work showcased here or on LinkedIn, email Johanna at