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At Redmond Waltz, our goal is to make your repairs as easy as possible. To achieve that we have a number of different options designed to make the repair process fit your needs with the least amount of disruption to your operation and your budget.


  • Repair Subscription Plan: For those customers that do a high volume of work and have a lot of motors to keep running we offer a repair subscription plan. By analyzing your past repair service usage, we can forecast your level of need and allow you to purchase some or all of those future services ahead of time at a discounted rate, and billed to you as a monthly subscription. 
  • This plan allows our customers to pay less for repairs and budget for them in the process and allows us to better control costs, which enables the discounts we pass on to our customers.
  • Our subscription plan is also available for those companies that may not have a volume of work, but want to return to a PM program during shutdowns.


  • Early PO Approval: Redmond Waltz will accept purchase orders up to 90 days before a repair is needed. 
  • If budgets need to be adjusted to accommodate repair costs, we are happy to hold the repair and billing of your motor with no increase in our pricing with your signed Purchase Order, at your request.


  • Warehousing: For those customers with back up motors, we happily offer warehousing of all repaired, operational motors. 
  • When RW stores your spares, we can also deliver your repaired spare from our warehouse when we pick up the motor in need of repair, saving you valuable lost production. When your repair is complete, we deliver it to our warehouse for storage.
  • Warehousing is charged by the year and per foot used. Please contact us for rates and availability.

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